Thursday, September 27, 2012

Docking Day

                     This is the truck falling down the hill see if you can find the hand in this picture.
                                       This is a picture of a koru and a boy curled up like one.

This Docking day was better then ever. A chocolate van came and landed next to where they were working.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Killer Beaz Boat

On Saturday I went to Piha Beach to go for a swim. It was a hot day so I asked my mum if I could go there and she said “yes”.  Still trying to put my togs and  my towel in a plastic bag, I started running  there by foot down to a beach for a day that I know I will never forget.

Tired from running, I sat on the sand and rested, when suddenly a faint scream came from far into the sea . So I looked at the Ocean ,I looked left  looked right  looked up  looked down , but there was no one to be seen.  Putting  my Togs on I  hopped in the water still suspicious about the  scream heard by me and other visitors too.

Swimming deeper and deeper into the sea the scream got louder and louder until  I saw a gigantic boat.There  hanging off the side by the leg screaming for help. So I swam to the boat and climbed up the side ladder when the person hanging off the side said don’t go there ,but I refused to listen ,and I climbed up to find a big surprise.

It was the Killer Beez mob in their boat. The inside of it was filled with weapons like guns, knife taser guns, cascade, grenades and all types of weaponry, and there standing the leader holding the leg of the man hanging of the boat .When the Leader saw me he was just as surprised as I was when I saw him, so he dropped the hostage off the boat in to the water to get me ,but I ran back to the side ladder jumped out swam out to the shallow bit of the water and helped the hostage get back to safety where he belonged.

                                                          The End

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making A Box

                                          This is a video of how to make a box. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!