Monday, December 16, 2013

My Year In Room 19

This year 2013 I've been in room 19, the best class ever.  Its big and has heaps of displays on the walls. Room 19 is a class where kid co-operate, learn and are taken care of.

To all the year Eights, farewell . Thanks for always having my back, and for keeping me safe through the year and also for helping me in class. Farewell Miss Tito you've been the best teacher so far for me and hope to see you in the future.

Thanks to all my past teacher like Miss Lal, Mrs She, Ms Glaze , Miss Mikenly, Miss Walters, Mr Marks , Miss Garden and Miss Tito. You guys have taught me throughout my years at Pt England and it's time for me to say thank you for teaching me things I didn't know.  Thanks for disciplining me when I was a little devil.

Next year my resolution is to keep trying and to be a model for next years year 7's. I hope to be a good boy next year and not to be how I am now, because I'm naughty (sometimes). I'm going to improve in my behaviour and my academic subjects.

Since this year was my favourite I want to thank everyone in my class for making this year the best. Its the end of the year and its time for the year eights to leave so goodbye and good luck in college bye.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Howards Netbook reflection

For the past three years us Pt England students year 5 and up have been using Net books. Net books are portable, easy to use easy to maintain and good for communication. There's many sources I can use to learn like Google search , Google Drive and even Gmail.

This year I've learn't allot from a Net book , its almost as if it's my teacher. Some days I look up questions that pop up in my head like how does electricity come from the sky, how does a camera take photo's, and I find my answers on my Net book.

Net books are Kid safe which means they only go on sites there suppose to go on. Its built strong for children so it kid compatible.There fun and cheap to buy.Our mums and dads pay 15$ a month for three years paying off our Net books. When its all paid off we get a new series of Net book featuring Samsung apps and a gold case for the Net book.

This year something my teacher taught me was to stand out from the rest and not be afraid of what will happen in the future.I think that's the most important thing she taught me this year.

Having a Net book means I can communicate with my friends if they need help, or I can show them what to do by having an example ready for them. I can Hyper link ticks so it takes people to my work.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action World

On Friday the 6th of december all the year sevens of Pt England school went to a place called action world. It was amazing ! The place was like an inflatable heaven.

We went there because the Year 8's were at Keswick Camp in Rotarua. The Bus came and picked us up from school. While we waited, we played games, we talked, and ran around. There was nothing to do really, just sit and wait.

The particular Action World we went to was the one in Henderson Auckland.It was 20$ each for a student. As soon as we got there the boss of this Action World Jerry took us through a pep talk of what should do and the instructions.

We all set off to take turn on the activities. First I went on the crazy ladder a spinning cyclone of wooden clogs and rope. IT WAS HARD! Second I went on the High Wire which was just like walking on a fence , but higher. Third I went on the Leap of faith which wasn't so high and wasn't so hard all you had to do was jump off a platform.

There were lots of different activities like the jungle swings the trapeze , the rock wall , the jump and slid, the leap of faith ,the high wire ,the crazy ladder and the jousting bridge.I liked all of them.

It was 12 o'clock and it was time to depart this jar full of fun so we left taking memories of fun activities with us.

Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela changed the world by chasing his dreams. He became the first coloured president of the world after being in jail for 27 years for standing for apartheid. And on friday the sixth of December died due to old age, he was 95 years old.

In Nelson’s early childhood when he was about 9 years old his name was Rolihlahla. His teacher asked him “ do you have a Christian name “ and Rolihlahla replied “No “ so his teacher your name will be Nelson. So from that point on he was called by that name.

Nelson stood against apartheid, doing everything in his strive to achieve his goals. He made a stand for the coloured people and they supported him. He was arrested.      

He went to jail for 27 years for it , but it was worth it. After he had finished 27 years in prison he had become president of Africa and the first coloured president of the world.

His journey had finished as president of RSA, so he retired. He got sick , and just faintly alive. And just on friday the 6th of december 2013 at the age of 95 he passed away.

I think the world could learn from this man is to follow your dreams if you know its right and keep striving to succeed.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Howards Highlights

The Production : On the Last three days of term three some room nineteen students performed in the school production. We were doing a Light dance in the black light. It was an Exciting experience.

Band: At the beginning of 2013 I auditioned to get into the band. I made it! When Miss M told me I was heart struck. Now I'm doing extremely well and I've learnt heaps.

Rugby league : During term 2 I had a league tournament. It was against all the other manaiakalani schools. We strived to succeed and we came third as our othe team came 1st . It was a nice day.