Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Action World

On Friday the 6th of december all the year sevens of Pt England school went to a place called action world. It was amazing ! The place was like an inflatable heaven.

We went there because the Year 8's were at Keswick Camp in Rotarua. The Bus came and picked us up from school. While we waited, we played games, we talked, and ran around. There was nothing to do really, just sit and wait.

The particular Action World we went to was the one in Henderson Auckland.It was 20$ each for a student. As soon as we got there the boss of this Action World Jerry took us through a pep talk of what should do and the instructions.

We all set off to take turn on the activities. First I went on the crazy ladder a spinning cyclone of wooden clogs and rope. IT WAS HARD! Second I went on the High Wire which was just like walking on a fence , but higher. Third I went on the Leap of faith which wasn't so high and wasn't so hard all you had to do was jump off a platform.

There were lots of different activities like the jungle swings the trapeze , the rock wall , the jump and slid, the leap of faith ,the high wire ,the crazy ladder and the jousting bridge.I liked all of them.

It was 12 o'clock and it was time to depart this jar full of fun so we left taking memories of fun activities with us.

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