Monday, December 16, 2013

My Year In Room 19

This year 2013 I've been in room 19, the best class ever.  Its big and has heaps of displays on the walls. Room 19 is a class where kid co-operate, learn and are taken care of.

To all the year Eights, farewell . Thanks for always having my back, and for keeping me safe through the year and also for helping me in class. Farewell Miss Tito you've been the best teacher so far for me and hope to see you in the future.

Thanks to all my past teacher like Miss Lal, Mrs She, Ms Glaze , Miss Mikenly, Miss Walters, Mr Marks , Miss Garden and Miss Tito. You guys have taught me throughout my years at Pt England and it's time for me to say thank you for teaching me things I didn't know.  Thanks for disciplining me when I was a little devil.

Next year my resolution is to keep trying and to be a model for next years year 7's. I hope to be a good boy next year and not to be how I am now, because I'm naughty (sometimes). I'm going to improve in my behaviour and my academic subjects.

Since this year was my favourite I want to thank everyone in my class for making this year the best. Its the end of the year and its time for the year eights to leave so goodbye and good luck in college bye.

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