Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Future Aspirations 2014

At Pt England School’s intermediate block some very special guests came to visit. They came to speak to us about our future aspirations to help motivate us to pursue our dreams and never give up. Their names are Anthony Samuels, Paula , and Amelia Ngafi.

Just before  they started talking, the host  for the day, Andrew Pattison, showed us a video of a boy just a year older than us who didn’t know he had a talent. But it wasn’t for long. He found his gift in speaking to people. The video was of him telling a whole room of 330 people who he was and where he’s from.

First up was Anthony, he talked about his career working at the New Zealand sunday morning programme What Now and even owning the whole company for about ten years or less. He was particularly aiming to tell us about how he was a normal kid like us, and who would of thought that he would end up owning a company like that.

Next was Paula ( Bowl-la ) , and he was here to tell us an event that happened in his life. It was when he had almost drowned in a swimming race, because he didn’t try to make it to the end without walking with his feet. He almost drowned and an official jumped into the pool to pull him out. His quote was he wasn’t scared that we won’t pursue our dreams, he’s scared the we won’t try.

Last was Amelia and she was here to tell us to tell us to not to let other peoples expectations impact on you. She was a fashion designer in training, she was very good and designing clothes, she even showed us some of her designs.

Friday, November 7, 2014

How to Identify Rip Currents

Here in New Zealand we have the third highest rates of people drowning in the world,
and that's why we need to keep safe in the surf. First i'm gonna tell you how you can be surf safe in the water by giving instructions on how to get out of rips, identify rips, what to do if your in a rip and how to avoid them.

If waves come up onto the shore how do they come out? Rips are formed by the waves that are trying to get back to sea. To get out they find big gaps in the water and escape through there, which creates a massive vacuum that can pull people or any float able item in the gap.

Have you ever wondered how to figure out where and what currents are , and even wondered how to avoid them? The first step to finding and avoiding currents is always try looking for a patch of light coloured water or if your beach black sand then look for darker water. Second step is see if there is just a little patch of really calm smooth going water and you’ll know for its a current.

If you've ever wondered what to do when caught in a rip current then this is for you. First step see if you can stand up. Second step try to float if you don’t have a surfboard or anything with you that can float. Third step don’t swim against the current other wise you’ll have no energy to float if you need to. Last step wait until the you stop moving then try swimming sideways about 30 meters then go straight.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My Math Translations

Term 4 Assembly

On day one of term 4 Pt England School had an immersion assembly. Starting at Team 1 and ending with Team 5, the teachers started their items. Team 5 had my favourite item of all.

Starting with the team 5 teacher’s briskly walking onto the stage with their paintbrushes. Next, music started to play as the teachers began to paint on a big board.There was dead silence, the only noise was the music. Projected onto the wall in the background was video of someone drawing a beautiful/ sad woman.

The music stopped, and the paintings were ready and awesome as well. To the left Was Mr Jacobsen, and to the right was Mr Burt, in the middle was Mrs Jarman. It was the shadows and lights ( Stylise( which is a style of painting or drawing)  that made it stand out.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


One early morning Rimu heard his name being called from outside his window. He lazily flipped over and faced the window. Rimu was still drained. He thought to himself for a bit, wondering why he could hear knocks at his window. Rimu knew it wasn't it wasn't hail because it was the middle of summer. He sat up and dragged himself across the room to the window. Then Rimu saw his friend Ollie standing outside his windows shouting out Rimu"s name. He would of rather had hail.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ki O Rahi

Ki O Rahi is a game of agility, strength, speed and memory of Rahi and Ara the two characters of a Maori legend called  Rahi. The game is played by two teams and one called Taniwha and the other called Ki O Ma. The aim of the game is to try and hit the Te Tupu in the middle of the court or field.

To score points you either have to touch the ball in the circle around Te Tupu.or try to throw the ball at it. You are allowed to tackle and bump of the other players.


  • When the game starts three players from Kioma have to stay in Pawero zone
  • If placed in the Pawero Zone the players job is to try to pass the ball to their team mates in the Te Ao.
  • Players have to tag each of the seven flags then strike Te Tupu.
  • The players of Taniwha have the job of protecting Te Tupu.