Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Celebrity Hologram

Recently in the news Michael Jackson has appeared in a afterlife concert. It wasn't a hologram so what was it. Was it a clone or was it a virtual human.We Don't Know. Its a mystery?. There theories about it being a hologram like the other one of Tupac performing with PDidy. Michaels family was overwhelmed with the hologram. It took everyone by suprise and was shockingly really realistic.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Echolocation Explanation

Echolocation is another way of communicating , navigating, and locating prey. All these different ways of using echolocation are extremely useful in everyday life, Such as if you a blind. Many other mammals use echolocation like bats, whales, Dolphins, Moles and much much more. It is using your voice to echo off the wall so you can figure out where you're going.

My Science Explanation

New Zealand Quits Testing Synthetic Highs on Animals

Lately in New Zealand a big debate has happened over stopping tests on animals using Synthetics. Its caused many different deaths on animals and drunken behaviour. IT"S STUPID! The change is slowly taking place, and while its happening the debate carries on.

Howard Article post Steven Adams

Steven Adams, the brother of Gold Medallist Valarie Adams. He plays for the Oklahoma City Thunders. Steven is 20 years old born in July 28 1993 in Rotarua. He stands at 7ft tall and has 17 other siblings from his dad Sid Adams.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Term 2 Assembly

Today at Pt England we had a wacky assembly for the start of term 2 2014. All the teachers dressed to act out what we a learning. We had a new topic called I like to move it move it. All the teachers performed an act to show what we were learning? It started off with team 2 and finished with team five. As we watched the teachers went crazy on the stage we had a good laugh with them too. All the items were about 20 minutes each.By the time it finished it was 10:30 AM and we started at 9:00, and To conclude our wacky Assembly Mr Burt quickly said a prayer and we were off.