Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kawau Island

Last week the year sixes went to Camp Bentzon in Kawau Island. Everyone was excited because we knew it was going to be the best camp ever. I couldn’t wait.

On the day of camp we had to get up pretty early in the morning at about 6:00 to 6:30. I got to school in time for bus and to say by to my mum. First we had a meeting so we know who our adult supervisors and leader. Then we set off on the bus to Sandspit where the ferry was waiting.

The bus ride was long it was an hour and a half. Then we finally got there, but we didn’t get to go on the ferry right away. We had morning Tea the played whizz , loaded up the fairy, and then left sandspit to go to Kawau Island.

We finally got there and had to line up and take a bag each to the deck. When we finished we all sat down and listened to Peter , Erin and Miss Garden talking about the camp and not feading the animal. Then went for a very long walk.

At the end of the walk we got to our destination on the beach on the other side of Kawau Island. Then had  lunch and had a little play. Everyone started heading back to camp for free time and to find out what cabin were in..

Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Bentzon

This week the year sixes a going to Kawau Island for camp. The Point England year sixes go every year.

We a going to camp bentzon in the beautiful kawau Island. first we catch a bus then we catch a ferry there.

At camp Bentzon they have Abseiling ,raft making ,and even sailing. They have all sorts of activities. I think abseiling is going to be my favourite activity.

I am looking forward to Kayaking . Because I like Kayaking at camps with other people. Kayaking is cool.

A challenge for me would have to be making a raft because I’ve never made one before. I think it will be hard. Even for Mr Jacobsen.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today room 17 made boats for our Technology challenge. My team made a boat the could float for five seconds or maybe more. I think everyone was a winner today because everyone's boat floated.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry

At camp I eat.
A yummy Treat.
Then I make a beat.
With my smelly Feet.
When I go for a run I get hot.
It looks like I’m boiling like a pot.

Summer is very very hot.
Everyone sweats and sweats a lot.
And when my friend goes to the beach.
His name sounds funny cause his name is Peach.
When we munch and munch and munch.
Our bellies are full because we ate our lunch

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last week on wednesday Room 17 did a Triathlon. The people who supervised us and told us all the rules were Mark , Adrian, And Brett.Off we were all ready to start.

The starter man said “Ready , Set , GO!!!. Everyone set off in a flash as if a dog was chasing them.First the girls raced then the boys.

In a triathlon the order goes Swimming first , Biking Second , and last but not least Running.
The rules  are no riding the bikes in transition (change) and helmet on. Every one played by the rules.

Taamai came first out of the the girls. Now for the boys . As soon as I heard go I dashed straight for the water slide and went five times. Then hopped on a bike, but first Helmet on and run the bike out of transition then start riding.

I came first two time in a row and so did Taamai. We all went back to class . Then got dressed and carried on with our work.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush ...

On Saturday I went on a hike through the Pt England bush. I started at pt england reserve and my destination was Pt England school. Filling my water bottle up I knew I was ready to face something I had never faced before.

Walking in through the bush I noticed a strange footprint that almost looked like a bear’s footprint. That didn’t didn’t stop me I kept on walking through the bushes. Until the track ended and there was nobody to be seen.

I heard a nearby scream and followed it like as if I was  blindfolded. Still tired from walking I noticed a person curled up like a koru screaming “ help help please help”. As I was trying to help the person looked up at me and told me to get her out of there quickly because she was frightened.

So I asked her why she was so frightened and she said “I had just seen a bear go past when I was walking by so I jumped in this bush frightened to death. When the  bear had pasted I started screaming for help”.Then I pulled my phone out and wrang animal control, But there was no signal ,so at that moment I picked up the vibe that someone is watching us or someone set this up.

I ran with the lady back the way I came from. Then tried ringing animal control again and it worked. ASAP animal control came and captured the bear and took it away.

The lady thanked me and thanked me for saving her life,and I walked her home. Then I went home to tell my mum all about my amazing day that I’d had.

                The End