Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush ...

On Saturday I went on a hike through the Pt England bush. I started at pt england reserve and my destination was Pt England school. Filling my water bottle up I knew I was ready to face something I had never faced before.

Walking in through the bush I noticed a strange footprint that almost looked like a bear’s footprint. That didn’t didn’t stop me I kept on walking through the bushes. Until the track ended and there was nobody to be seen.

I heard a nearby scream and followed it like as if I was  blindfolded. Still tired from walking I noticed a person curled up like a koru screaming “ help help please help”. As I was trying to help the person looked up at me and told me to get her out of there quickly because she was frightened.

So I asked her why she was so frightened and she said “I had just seen a bear go past when I was walking by so I jumped in this bush frightened to death. When the  bear had pasted I started screaming for help”.Then I pulled my phone out and wrang animal control, But there was no signal ,so at that moment I picked up the vibe that someone is watching us or someone set this up.

I ran with the lady back the way I came from. Then tried ringing animal control again and it worked. ASAP animal control came and captured the bear and took it away.

The lady thanked me and thanked me for saving her life,and I walked her home. Then I went home to tell my mum all about my amazing day that I’d had.

                The End

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