Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last week on wednesday Room 17 did a Triathlon. The people who supervised us and told us all the rules were Mark , Adrian, And Brett.Off we were all ready to start.

The starter man said “Ready , Set , GO!!!. Everyone set off in a flash as if a dog was chasing them.First the girls raced then the boys.

In a triathlon the order goes Swimming first , Biking Second , and last but not least Running.
The rules  are no riding the bikes in transition (change) and helmet on. Every one played by the rules.

Taamai came first out of the the girls. Now for the boys . As soon as I heard go I dashed straight for the water slide and went five times. Then hopped on a bike, but first Helmet on and run the bike out of transition then start riding.

I came first two time in a row and so did Taamai. We all went back to class . Then got dressed and carried on with our work.

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