Friday, March 23, 2012

Team Work

These a the positions for Netball on the Netball court. I've been reading this book about a girl called Ina and her first time playing Netball.

Four Stages Of A Butterfly's Life

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last week the year 5 & 6 camp was held at Pt England School. Did you know that the first Year 5 & 6 camp for was in Nineteen ninety one? Everyone was excited about camp and just couldn’t wait until it started.

I was looking forward to kayaking and Basketball at the Gym, Because I am really good at kayaking and I love shooting the ball in to the hoop. My favourite part of camp was sleeping in our tents.

The funniest thing about camp was Kayaking because Uili fell out of his kayak I was laughing, but not for long. He was almost right in the deep part of the water, but luckily Mr Molloy went and picked out of the water and he was off kayaking again. I was really happy.

My goal for camp was to kayak as fast as Mr Molloy on his dingy. I achieved my goal and was really happy with myself. I was thinking about how fast I went.

At the end of camp I was stuffed. Everyone was all tired to and so were the teachers. I went home and had a big sleep.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Year 5 & 6 Camp

There are only 2 more sleeps till camp for the five and six camp. For camp I'm looking forward to doing the activity called get lost. Because it sounds scary when Miss Garden say you mite get lost.

My worries about camp is going up on to the stage. Because I have to sing a solo for our camp item in front of everyone.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


On Wednesday I woke before my mum and I wasn’t grumpy. I woke my mum up and she was grumpy. Then her alarm rang and then she had to stay up and get dressed for work.

I got dressed I said good bye to my mum then I woke up my sister. She looked at the time on her alarm and got up got dressed we ran out the door and went to school I met up with Jacob and we walked to school together. I went to the shop and brought a packet of chips and a sandwich from the Bakery.

I got to my class bay and waited then Calvin and Isara came about five minutes after I got inside the class to take a photo. My photo that I took with Miss Garden was for my Blog. Then Isara and Calvin were looking to see who was in the class. then finally I let them in.

A Week In The Life of Howard A Year 6 Student Tuesday

On Tuesday I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. I felt the same as yesterday when my mum woke me up today. This time my sister was awake before me and already to go to school.

So I hopped straight out of bed ran to my room and got dressed. As soon as I was dressed I ran down stairs packed my lunch and ran out the door faster then my sister could get out of the sitting room. I said good bye to my sister and we split up I went right and my sister went left.

This time I walked to school taking as much time as it takes me to. I was just watching the cars go past on the street. Then I started running to school from across the feild thats across the road from Tamaki Collage. I got to school safe and sound ready for my friends to come.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Week In The Life of Howard A Year 6 Student Monday

On Monday I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. I felt kind of grumpy when my mum woke me up just to say good before she went to work. I said good bye and watched her from my bedroom window.

As I waved I was getting more and more tried. Then when she was out of my site I went and washed my face and brushed my teeth. After that I got dressed, but first I had to find my Uniform.

When I found it I put it on straight away and went down stairs to put my lunch in my bags. My sister was already waiting for me down stairs and then she told me to hurry up cause it was 7:30 so then I rushed putting on my shoes on and my bag. Me and my sister ran out the door still half dressed buttoning up our shirts and our shoes were still untied.

When we got out the gate we spit up I went right and my sister went left. I started running to school I almost tripped up because my shoe lases were still untied so I took a little bit of time to tie them up. So after that I started running to school again I ran right around the main road.

Once I got to school I stopped running because I was extremely tried. I slowly walked to class and saw that nobody was there yet. So I stayed at class waiting for someone to come and about five minutes later my friend Isara came to school and a few minutes later Jorja came.

Then after Jorja everyone started coming to our class the first bell rang and Miss Garden opened and everybody rushed to the door, but I didn't because I had a drink of water. The second bell rang then it was time to sit on the mat and listen to Miss Garden.

After 3 hours of class time it was morning tea. I grabbed my lunch and my school hat and ran out of the class room. I ate my lunch and went out to play.

I came back to class when the bell rang. Miss Garden was just opening the door when I got there. We waited until it was time for lunch time room 17 done maths. Lunch time came and I was waiting to go and play. The bell rang and I ran to class straight away.

Everyone walked in to class and sat on the mat. Miss Garden was telling us what to do. So we went and done it. After that Miss Garden read us a book. Then it was time to go home

Saturday, March 3, 2012



1. What’s Koro’s favourite hobby? He like growing plants

2. Why was the boy surprised that he was showing him caterpillars? Cause all he showed him was to tiny white spots on the swan plant.

3. What 4 plants are mentioned on page 21?Carrots,lettuce,cabbages.Swan plant.

4. What is a “taonga”? Treasure

5. What 2 things are mentioned as taonga on pages 21 and 22?Catipillar eggs , and chrysalis.

6. Why are the caterpillars called Apu Kai and Kaihoro? Because they were great names

7. Why is the boy called “moko”? Cause he’s a granson

8. What does Koro get sad about?Cause Kaihoro died

9. Why does the Swan Plant get less bushy?The Caterpillars

10. What do the caterpillars turn into next?chrysalis

11. Describe what they look like at this stage: Green skin raped around it with sparkling on it

12. Why does Koro want to bring them inside?Cause there a Frost coming

13. Why do they have to let the butterfly go? To explore the world well they can.


Friday, March 2, 2012

The Anything Everything Shop

The Anything Everything Shop

I read a story called The Anything Everything Shop by Simon Cook
for reading. These are some of the fictional words in the story and
what I think they mean.

Slurps are
Aliens with tentacle's
An ,Oggle, is a spiky rare fruit that comes from a Oggle tree that only produces a single fruit in one thousand years.
A Glug is a creature with 3 legs and one eye
It means an alien with tentacles.

Oggle fruit

A fruit only a single fruit it produces in one thousand years.
In line with text | Fixed position

Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Vision Board

My Vision Board is about me learning more and more throughout out the year. I want to strive to get better at reading writing and maths.I like my Vision Board because it shows me in the picture and what I like doing.