Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Fiafia 2013 Unicycle

Every week on Thursdays and Fridays Pt England School has Fiafia practice. I'm in the Unicycling group with our tutor Miss Rapold. There are many different cultured groups like the Samoan , Tongan, Cook Island, Niue, and even Hawaii.

When I started unicycling I completely sucked, but now I'm able to ride around the whole school without falling. I thought I was never going learn , but our tutor is really good at teaching us new tricks like how to hop and how to free mount. 

Miss Rapold has a tall 6 ft unicycle. The only people that can ride it is Miss Rapold obviously ,Isara and Levi. I can't ride it because I don't have enough balance to ride something that high.

There are seven people in my group and there names are Isara, Texas,Anthony, Sohel, John lee ,Levi, and finally  me Howard. It took Miss Rapold weeks to learn our names. She kept on asking us until she got it.   

In the end I like Unicycling the best out of all the groups because I'm learning something that I might never get another chance to do.  

Friday, April 5, 2013


On Wednesday Room 19 went to do a Triathlon on the field. Everyone was excited !!!!  I thought it was going to be cool and it was.

As we walked to the field everyone was asking our Teacher Miss Tito “ Do we have to swim because I don’t have my togs” and she kept on  replying “ Yes swim in your P.E ( Physical Education ) gear.

The time came when we got our destination the field. There was a man named Brent and he explained the rule to us and what Triathlon means. The rules where :

  • Never ride your bike in Transition.
  • When your swimming always run right around the cones.

Room 12 came and joined us. The order went first rm 12 girls , then rm 12 boys , rm 19 girls, and then finally rm 19 boys. When it was rm 19 boys turn all of us were revved up. As we stood a the starting line in front of the water slide a man called Adrian Sprayed us with a hose.

GO!! Yelled the starter. Everyone dashed and slided on the slide four times before they could hop on a bike. When we were finished with the slide we each hopped on a bike and started to ride.

We did one lap each then started to run. All of the people cheered and cheered. I sprinted my hardest.

                                                             The End