Friday, April 5, 2013


On Wednesday Room 19 went to do a Triathlon on the field. Everyone was excited !!!!  I thought it was going to be cool and it was.

As we walked to the field everyone was asking our Teacher Miss Tito “ Do we have to swim because I don’t have my togs” and she kept on  replying “ Yes swim in your P.E ( Physical Education ) gear.

The time came when we got our destination the field. There was a man named Brent and he explained the rule to us and what Triathlon means. The rules where :

  • Never ride your bike in Transition.
  • When your swimming always run right around the cones.

Room 12 came and joined us. The order went first rm 12 girls , then rm 12 boys , rm 19 girls, and then finally rm 19 boys. When it was rm 19 boys turn all of us were revved up. As we stood a the starting line in front of the water slide a man called Adrian Sprayed us with a hose.

GO!! Yelled the starter. Everyone dashed and slided on the slide four times before they could hop on a bike. When we were finished with the slide we each hopped on a bike and started to ride.

We did one lap each then started to run. All of the people cheered and cheered. I sprinted my hardest.

                                                             The End

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