Monday, March 25, 2013

Harakeke ( Flax)

On Thursday Room 19 did an activity with Miss Tito. The activity was Platting Harakeke (Flax). We were Platting a Puti Puti (Flower) out of Flax. It was exciting!!!

So we marched on to the Oamaru Creek ,because we had to get some flax first. Before anyone could go and cut there flax Miss Tito our Teacher explained the rules to us , and the rules were

  • There a three peices of flax stuck together and you are not allowed to cut them or the plant will die.
  • Never cut harakeke at night  time because you might cut the wrong peice
  • Never cut harakeke  in the rain because the bit where you cut is where the gum is and if the rain touches it the whole plant dies.
  • Never step on Harakeke.
  • Never hit your friends with harakeke.
  • Always cut downwards when you when cut your flax

Miss Tito sent us out to cut our pieces. My partner was Sonny and we were good partners. I like being with him because he is cool.

Everyone had cut  their piece and it was ready to go we marched back to school. We got to school and started our plats. I liked it.

First  Miss Tito went over how to do it . Everyone listened carefully because they didn’t want to get anything wrong. We started.

I listened very good. At the end I got it right and some people got it wrong.

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