Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interveiw with Valerie Adams

Howard:  Hi everybody, joining me today in the studio  is someone special.  She’s one of the  best shot putters in the world,  a Tongan New Zealander and two time   gold medalist. She takes shot put to a whole new level... its the beautiful Valerie Adams.

Valerie: Hi Howard.

Howard: So Valerie I heard you’ve come First  place at the 2012 olympics games and earned a gold  medal. .Were these competitors tough to beat?

Valerie: Yeah , there were very tough competitors, like the women from Belarus.  They did drug tests and urine tests and it was confirmed the the lady from Belarus was taking steroids,     She was stripped from her gold medal and had to hand it over to me.

Howard:  What's up with these steroids? All they do is get you into trouble and make you ashamed.

Valerie: Yeah thats right it gets you embarrassed and ashamed.

Howard: Your fans were furious about the look of your rival that took steroids.

Valerie: Yeah everyone was saying  she looked like a man?

Howard: What's it like  being there in the middle of the spotlight in front of all of your fans.

Valerie: Well , uh I get pretty nervous to the roaring crowds and shouting competitors.But after awhile I start to adjust to it and relax myself.

Howard:  Thats good to know.

Valerie: Thanks Howard.

Howard: So when was the first time you entered the olympics.

Valerie: In 2004 in Athens  Greece. I finished in eighth place and I was happy with myself.

Howard: Wow must of been mind blowing having your first olympic games in the first host city of the Olympic games .

This has been howard talking to the one and only legend of  shot Put  Valerie Adams. Valerie it has been nice talking to you. To all our listeners at home keep on practicing practicing practicing so you can be like Valerie, a world champion.

Valerie Thanks Howard.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The First Marathon

If the Marathon runners run to long and to hard they can or could get Memory loss .

There was a war called the marathon against the Persian army

The first Marathon run was first ran 2500 years ago.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alcibiades Wins The Race

I have been reading about ancient Olympics Chariot Racing.

Olympic Creed

 The most important thing in the Olympics is not to win but to take part, just like the most important thing in life is not to triumph but the struggle.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Stress Busters

The Olympics

In the Olympics our New Zealand  rowing team has beaten other countries to earn three gold medals. They were earned by three rowing teams. The first one was from Mahe drysdale, because he tried extremely hard and finished it off properly.

The olympics have been very tight with the sprints. The Usain Bolt verse Yohan blake and Tyson Gay.  The Usain bolt is the fastest , because he trained really really hard for this so he could win and he did.

New Zealand is beating Australia in who has the most Medals so far. I don’t think Australia will catch up with us for long because they don’t have much Medals. , because they a far back from us. We have very very strong Athletes.

I hope New Zealand  wins the Olympics. Everybody wants New Zealand to win. Our New Zealand Team says practice practice practice makes perfect. They've worked very hard for this.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Medley Relay

Medley Relay is an event in the  Olympics , and is one spectacular  sport. It only has swimming and four different stroke that go in this particular order Backstroke , Breaststroke , Butterfly,and freestyle. For each stroke there is one person.

...The aim of the event is to swim as fast as you can and touch the end with your hand. They have really strict rules about how you do your strokes and whether you actually touch the end with . Like you have to do the right strokes , the right turns at the end of each end.

You need a swimsuit so you can swim, and a swimming cap. The reason why you need a swimsuit and a cap is because no one wants to swim in swim in jeans and a T-Shirt it drags because it drags in  the water and makes you go slow. The cap is for wearing on your head so if you don’t have one on you will go slower because your hair will get stuck in the water.

...You need to be very very fit to go through a whole 50 meter pool without stopping. You need to know how to swim fast and know the stroke that you have to do. Also you need to know how to turn around and touch the end fast so you can win . To be a swimmer you need to have very strong arms ,so you can do nice strong strokes.

... I think this sport is incredible. Because it has four types of strokes and four different people involved in it . I’ve never heard of another sport like this it is amazing.