Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Future Aspirations 2014

At Pt England School’s intermediate block some very special guests came to visit. They came to speak to us about our future aspirations to help motivate us to pursue our dreams and never give up. Their names are Anthony Samuels, Paula , and Amelia Ngafi.

Just before  they started talking, the host  for the day, Andrew Pattison, showed us a video of a boy just a year older than us who didn’t know he had a talent. But it wasn’t for long. He found his gift in speaking to people. The video was of him telling a whole room of 330 people who he was and where he’s from.

First up was Anthony, he talked about his career working at the New Zealand sunday morning programme What Now and even owning the whole company for about ten years or less. He was particularly aiming to tell us about how he was a normal kid like us, and who would of thought that he would end up owning a company like that.

Next was Paula ( Bowl-la ) , and he was here to tell us an event that happened in his life. It was when he had almost drowned in a swimming race, because he didn’t try to make it to the end without walking with his feet. He almost drowned and an official jumped into the pool to pull him out. His quote was he wasn’t scared that we won’t pursue our dreams, he’s scared the we won’t try.

Last was Amelia and she was here to tell us to tell us to not to let other peoples expectations impact on you. She was a fashion designer in training, she was very good and designing clothes, she even showed us some of her designs.

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