Friday, November 18, 2011

Landing on the Moon

On a hot sunny day I went to the moon but first I had to learn how to be an Astronaut . When I was trained to be a good Astronaut I was on my way. Then we hoped inside the space ship I was kind of scared . After we got ready for take off in 3 , 2 , 1 , Blast off . I listened to the loud roar coming from the space ships rockets.

It took us 8 months to get to the Moon but when we got there I was super excited . On the moon I saw lots of of craters . Then it was time for everyone to get off the ship and walk on the moon . We had to put our space helmets on so we can breath the air coming from our air bag on our
back . Walking on the moon is harder then walking on earth because you have to jump .

It was was time to board the ship and go home. When we were waiting to get home we looked through the window and saw lots of planets like Mars , Uranus , Neptune , Venus , Saturn , Mercury and Pluto . Everyone saw Earth and were excited about landing .When we landed I was releafed because I thought we were gonna crash.

We all got out of the ship unharmed no one was lost and everyone was safe . Finally we took our suits off because it was hot and swety .We had to put the suits in a basket to be washed. Then everyone celebrated.

We celebrated until Night time .After a while we started the award ceremony and got our awards.
Everyone that went to the moon was happy. Finally everyone went home .

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

One Tree Hill

Earlier this week we went to Stardome for a field trip. While we were there we decided to go for a walk up One Tree Hill.

While we were walking up the mountain we saw lots of sheep manure. We saw two sheep down a hill from where we were walking. It was time to cross the road, but Mr Marks said “wait”, because there was a car coming. When the car finally passed us Mr Marks said “cross fast and stay at the second tree”.

We started running down the crater, but unfortunately Lorenzo fell down the hill and hit his head on a piece of wood and landed on the grass. I nearly fell down the hill, but I just ran all the way down.