Monday, February 17, 2014

The Treaty of Waitangi

Just imagine being in the presence of British Representatives, & Maori Chiefs in the year of 1840 for the signing of the Treaty Of Waitangi,you can hear heated debates & discussions between the 2 nations about fighting for the Maori to either your rights or equal rights.  You're stuck on an Island which has no law & no rules & The British are trying to take over the your people and their rights. .As the people of the two nation’s gather to sign the treaty, everyone waits anxiously for peace of there land.

In 1840 there was a lot of conflict between the Maori and the British people. It was caused by loss of land, Murder or theft, but in between all that there were some peace between nations, because they were trader’s ( A converter )which means they could exchange weapons for either anything the natives had.

As the British started coming from britain to New Zealand they started provoking  the Maori people by killing for land or ripping them off. So then it started the beginning of the Treaty, the Treaty of Waitangi. On February the 6th 1840 the Treaty was signed, it was signed by 500 Maori Chief and 13 women Chief signed.  

The end of the day 50 Maori chief signatures & 450 British signatures were on the contract. What the contract means to me? I reckon the treaty brought heaps of peace towards the 2 nations, but then after 5 years a war was declared between the 2 nations because Hone Heke brought & cut down the Union Jack.