Friday, June 13, 2014


Every Wednesday at 9:40 class 4 has an A.F.L Session with different tutors every week. We learn various skills about the game, like the Drop Punt ( A Kick ),the Ice Cream Cone ( A Pass )and rules like Laces away from faces, and 7 steps only.

So far we have been practicing drills and warm ups for the game. I have been enjoying every session we get because I am learning something that I might be able to pass on to other kids. The drills a hard because we have to get it right and perfect, but its still fun!

My favorite part of A.F.L was learning how to play because when I play I don’t have to ask what to do I just have to do it. Also my favorite tutor for A.F.L was Daniel because he was funny and he taught us a lot.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Sound Of Trumpet


Title: Monstrosity

Article:Monstrosity is a devil child. He pulls pranks on everyone and tricks them too. But one day he messes with the wrong person. HIS AUNT.

My Article Post

This year the FIFA world Cup is being held in Brazil. The first game will be between Brazil and Croatia on friday the 13th of June. Brazil has hosted the games before, but this will be the best. The host city of the games is Rio De Janeiro.

A Cold Rainy Day

One frosty morning I had no choice but to walk to school. The car was covered in ice and the power lines were down ,so I couldn’t call a taxi. As turn into different streets the wind was blustery and pulling me around. Goosebumps filled my arms and my teeth started to chatter. A voice behind me shouted out “Howard wait up”, but it was too cold so I kept going. As I walked all the way to to Glen Innes my stomach started to rumble and I was hungry. Thinking to myself should I buy something or just leave It, but I couldn’t resist I had to go. When I passed the the shops I dropped in for a pie and ate at school.

The Wellington Organ