Friday, April 11, 2014

Pt England Fia Fia

On Wednesday th 9th of April 2014 Pt England School had there Fia Fia night. A variates  of culture had performed and a band and one drama group, so there was the full package. Over 3 in a half thousand people came to watch on our school field. It was one of the biggest occasion's of the year so far.

I performed in three groups I performed in Kapa Haka, The Band, and A group called Precisely That. First was Kapa Haka, Second Band and third Precisely That. It was a full on night for me I rushed everywhere trying to find where I go next.

Kapa Haka had four Waiata (songs) to perform. Everyone was nervous at first ,but when we got on that stage it was all not really scary, because we couldn't see anything or anyone for that matter. The first three Waiata were soft and soothing. Then the last Waiata ended with a Raging Haka (Maori War Dance).

The Band, played our intro song which we made up it was called Microphone Check. Our name was Red Remix. Second and last song played was called Rude by Magic, which is about a guy who wants to marry a girl ,but her father won't let him till he passes on. WE ARE AWSOME!

Last but not least was Precisely That, is a group of Precision and Precise actions. It was kind of like the army , but for kid. We performed well and got lots of comments from the visitors and fellow students. The group ended in style when we bumped our bums together.

Unfortunately the night came to an end with a booming performance from the Junior Kapa Haka group. Erveryone who came was satisfied with the Mixture of talents and cultures they even volunteered to help clean up after hours. Coming to conclusion was stink ,because we wanted to perform as many times possible.

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