Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012


My Netbook is important to me , just as well , because its the same for everyone year five and up at my school. I learn more and more day by day. Maybe one day i’ll be a netbook inventor.

I share work around the school and even around the world. I think netbooks a special thats why I take very good care of it. I like netbooks.

 On my netbook sometimes it doesn’t always go the way you want it to. The problems a mostly internet crashes , cracked screens and flat battery’s. I think Netbooks a sometimes problems.

Jason Mraz Im Yours

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Kawau Island

Last week the year sixes went to Camp Bentzon in Kawau Island. Everyone was excited because we knew it was going to be the best camp ever. I couldn’t wait.

On the day of camp we had to get up pretty early in the morning at about 6:00 to 6:30. I got to school in time for bus and to say by to my mum. First we had a meeting so we know who our adult supervisors and leader. Then we set off on the bus to Sandspit where the ferry was waiting.

The bus ride was long it was an hour and a half. Then we finally got there, but we didn’t get to go on the ferry right away. We had morning Tea the played whizz , loaded up the fairy, and then left sandspit to go to Kawau Island.

We finally got there and had to line up and take a bag each to the deck. When we finished we all sat down and listened to Peter , Erin and Miss Garden talking about the camp and not feading the animal. Then went for a very long walk.

At the end of the walk we got to our destination on the beach on the other side of Kawau Island. Then had  lunch and had a little play. Everyone started heading back to camp for free time and to find out what cabin were in..

Monday, November 19, 2012

Camp Bentzon

This week the year sixes a going to Kawau Island for camp. The Point England year sixes go every year.

We a going to camp bentzon in the beautiful kawau Island. first we catch a bus then we catch a ferry there.

At camp Bentzon they have Abseiling ,raft making ,and even sailing. They have all sorts of activities. I think abseiling is going to be my favourite activity.

I am looking forward to Kayaking . Because I like Kayaking at camps with other people. Kayaking is cool.

A challenge for me would have to be making a raft because I’ve never made one before. I think it will be hard. Even for Mr Jacobsen.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Today room 17 made boats for our Technology challenge. My team made a boat the could float for five seconds or maybe more. I think everyone was a winner today because everyone's boat floated.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Couplet Poetry

At camp I eat.
A yummy Treat.
Then I make a beat.
With my smelly Feet.
When I go for a run I get hot.
It looks like I’m boiling like a pot.

Summer is very very hot.
Everyone sweats and sweats a lot.
And when my friend goes to the beach.
His name sounds funny cause his name is Peach.
When we munch and munch and munch.
Our bellies are full because we ate our lunch

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Last week on wednesday Room 17 did a Triathlon. The people who supervised us and told us all the rules were Mark , Adrian, And Brett.Off we were all ready to start.

The starter man said “Ready , Set , GO!!!. Everyone set off in a flash as if a dog was chasing them.First the girls raced then the boys.

In a triathlon the order goes Swimming first , Biking Second , and last but not least Running.
The rules  are no riding the bikes in transition (change) and helmet on. Every one played by the rules.

Taamai came first out of the the girls. Now for the boys . As soon as I heard go I dashed straight for the water slide and went five times. Then hopped on a bike, but first Helmet on and run the bike out of transition then start riding.

I came first two time in a row and so did Taamai. We all went back to class . Then got dressed and carried on with our work.

Monday, November 5, 2012

The Bush ...

On Saturday I went on a hike through the Pt England bush. I started at pt england reserve and my destination was Pt England school. Filling my water bottle up I knew I was ready to face something I had never faced before.

Walking in through the bush I noticed a strange footprint that almost looked like a bear’s footprint. That didn’t didn’t stop me I kept on walking through the bushes. Until the track ended and there was nobody to be seen.

I heard a nearby scream and followed it like as if I was  blindfolded. Still tired from walking I noticed a person curled up like a koru screaming “ help help please help”. As I was trying to help the person looked up at me and told me to get her out of there quickly because she was frightened.

So I asked her why she was so frightened and she said “I had just seen a bear go past when I was walking by so I jumped in this bush frightened to death. When the  bear had pasted I started screaming for help”.Then I pulled my phone out and wrang animal control, But there was no signal ,so at that moment I picked up the vibe that someone is watching us or someone set this up.

I ran with the lady back the way I came from. Then tried ringing animal control again and it worked. ASAP animal control came and captured the bear and took it away.

The lady thanked me and thanked me for saving her life,and I walked her home. Then I went home to tell my mum all about my amazing day that I’d had.

                The End

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Toy Story Poster

This Term Pt Englands Topic Is Toy Story. So I made a poster about it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Docking Day

                     This is the truck falling down the hill see if you can find the hand in this picture.
                                       This is a picture of a koru and a boy curled up like one.

This Docking day was better then ever. A chocolate van came and landed next to where they were working.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Killer Beaz Boat

On Saturday I went to Piha Beach to go for a swim. It was a hot day so I asked my mum if I could go there and she said “yes”.  Still trying to put my togs and  my towel in a plastic bag, I started running  there by foot down to a beach for a day that I know I will never forget.

Tired from running, I sat on the sand and rested, when suddenly a faint scream came from far into the sea . So I looked at the Ocean ,I looked left  looked right  looked up  looked down , but there was no one to be seen.  Putting  my Togs on I  hopped in the water still suspicious about the  scream heard by me and other visitors too.

Swimming deeper and deeper into the sea the scream got louder and louder until  I saw a gigantic boat.There  hanging off the side by the leg screaming for help. So I swam to the boat and climbed up the side ladder when the person hanging off the side said don’t go there ,but I refused to listen ,and I climbed up to find a big surprise.

It was the Killer Beez mob in their boat. The inside of it was filled with weapons like guns, knife taser guns, cascade, grenades and all types of weaponry, and there standing the leader holding the leg of the man hanging of the boat .When the Leader saw me he was just as surprised as I was when I saw him, so he dropped the hostage off the boat in to the water to get me ,but I ran back to the side ladder jumped out swam out to the shallow bit of the water and helped the hostage get back to safety where he belonged.

                                                          The End

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Making A Box

                                          This is a video of how to make a box. Hope you enjoy!!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Interveiw with Valerie Adams

Howard:  Hi everybody, joining me today in the studio  is someone special.  She’s one of the  best shot putters in the world,  a Tongan New Zealander and two time   gold medalist. She takes shot put to a whole new level... its the beautiful Valerie Adams.

Valerie: Hi Howard.

Howard: So Valerie I heard you’ve come First  place at the 2012 olympics games and earned a gold  medal. .Were these competitors tough to beat?

Valerie: Yeah , there were very tough competitors, like the women from Belarus.  They did drug tests and urine tests and it was confirmed the the lady from Belarus was taking steroids,     She was stripped from her gold medal and had to hand it over to me.

Howard:  What's up with these steroids? All they do is get you into trouble and make you ashamed.

Valerie: Yeah thats right it gets you embarrassed and ashamed.

Howard: Your fans were furious about the look of your rival that took steroids.

Valerie: Yeah everyone was saying  she looked like a man?

Howard: What's it like  being there in the middle of the spotlight in front of all of your fans.

Valerie: Well , uh I get pretty nervous to the roaring crowds and shouting competitors.But after awhile I start to adjust to it and relax myself.

Howard:  Thats good to know.

Valerie: Thanks Howard.

Howard: So when was the first time you entered the olympics.

Valerie: In 2004 in Athens  Greece. I finished in eighth place and I was happy with myself.

Howard: Wow must of been mind blowing having your first olympic games in the first host city of the Olympic games .

This has been howard talking to the one and only legend of  shot Put  Valerie Adams. Valerie it has been nice talking to you. To all our listeners at home keep on practicing practicing practicing so you can be like Valerie, a world champion.

Valerie Thanks Howard.


Friday, August 10, 2012

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The First Marathon

If the Marathon runners run to long and to hard they can or could get Memory loss .

There was a war called the marathon against the Persian army

The first Marathon run was first ran 2500 years ago.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Alcibiades Wins The Race

I have been reading about ancient Olympics Chariot Racing.

Olympic Creed

 The most important thing in the Olympics is not to win but to take part, just like the most important thing in life is not to triumph but the struggle.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Stress Busters

The Olympics

In the Olympics our New Zealand  rowing team has beaten other countries to earn three gold medals. They were earned by three rowing teams. The first one was from Mahe drysdale, because he tried extremely hard and finished it off properly.

The olympics have been very tight with the sprints. The Usain Bolt verse Yohan blake and Tyson Gay.  The Usain bolt is the fastest , because he trained really really hard for this so he could win and he did.

New Zealand is beating Australia in who has the most Medals so far. I don’t think Australia will catch up with us for long because they don’t have much Medals. , because they a far back from us. We have very very strong Athletes.

I hope New Zealand  wins the Olympics. Everybody wants New Zealand to win. Our New Zealand Team says practice practice practice makes perfect. They've worked very hard for this.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

The Medley Relay

Medley Relay is an event in the  Olympics , and is one spectacular  sport. It only has swimming and four different stroke that go in this particular order Backstroke , Breaststroke , Butterfly,and freestyle. For each stroke there is one person.

...The aim of the event is to swim as fast as you can and touch the end with your hand. They have really strict rules about how you do your strokes and whether you actually touch the end with . Like you have to do the right strokes , the right turns at the end of each end.

You need a swimsuit so you can swim, and a swimming cap. The reason why you need a swimsuit and a cap is because no one wants to swim in swim in jeans and a T-Shirt it drags because it drags in  the water and makes you go slow. The cap is for wearing on your head so if you don’t have one on you will go slower because your hair will get stuck in the water.

...You need to be very very fit to go through a whole 50 meter pool without stopping. You need to know how to swim fast and know the stroke that you have to do. Also you need to know how to turn around and touch the end fast so you can win . To be a swimmer you need to have very strong arms ,so you can do nice strong strokes.

... I think this sport is incredible. Because it has four types of strokes and four different people involved in it . I’ve never heard of another sport like this it is amazing.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ancient Olympics

Most greek boys favourite subject was learning how to fight. They all learnt at school where most other greek people learnt also. The boys were taught good.

They learnt because they wanted to be the most powerful country in the world. Greece was a very powerful country. They were the most powerful until the romans came and took over Greece.

The greek kids learnt how to fight at school. They were very good at fighting. They learnt different skills and what the weak spots are on other attackers.

Olympic Sybols Part 2

The Olympic games has a motto called Swifter Higher Stronger, and that well known saying helps encourage the athletes during the events. It makes them think of victory. They compare each athlete to another in a competition without understanding.

The torch of the olympics is only lit by sun rise only not by a match in Olympia ancient greece.they do it in memory of the origins of the olympics. It is carried by many people to get to the host city for the opening ceremony of the olympics. The torch is lit months before the ceremony starts.

At the beginning of the opening ceremony the torch lights the caldron. For the beginning of the olympics. Special people get asked to carry the torch all the way to London for this years olympics.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Olympic Symbols

Athletes from all around the world come to the Olympics. They come from 5 continents. Baron Pierre De Coubertin is the inventor of the interlocking rings and flags. The rings have every colour that is on every flag of every nation.  

The Rings a on the Olympic flag. Which is hoisted up the flagpole before all the events start.The olympic flag has the colours Blue, Black, Red, Yellow, Green. At the end of the Ceremony end the flag is lowered down which represents that the games a finished.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Kevin Locke

Kevin Locke is a NRL ( National Rugby League) player in the New Zealand  team Warriors.
He is a rookie in Rugby League.  Rookie means he had just started his career as a league player. Locke has the skills to play league just like his teammate Shawn Johnson.

All the Warriors work together to win the game against teams like Cronulla Sutherland Sharks, West Tigers, and the Broncos. Kevin works hard at the back to keep the opposition out in the so they can win. He plays at Fullback.

He can run really fast, past very accurately, and score lots of tries. His skills a unbelieveable, and how fast he can run is unbelievable. I think he is a Legend in rugby League just like Stacey Jones another Warriors Legend. My favourite players from the Warriors is Kevin Locke,  Manu Vatuvei , Shawn Johnson.

You need lots of skills to make it into the Team. That’s exactly what Kevin Locke has. the potential to be  best in the Warriors.

There a 13 players on the field. Kevin Locke is number one because his position is  Fullback. Shawn Johnson plays Half-back.

Simon Mannering is  the captain of the Warriors. He works hard to keep them going. He is good at being captain.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Howard Art Reflection

Art Reflection

Vincent Van Gogh was a famous painter who painted the Night Cafe. He wrote to his brother Theo about it. Van Gogh said himself it was one of the worst paintings he had done out of all his paintings. So Vincent said next that “It was a place that one can ruin oneself and they can commit crimes”,because it was an underground pub where people get drunk and get into bad ways.

The things that I think look  similar between my replica and the original, is the pool table and the Indian man standing next to it. I think the Indian man looks the same because on his body he has a white gown and his head. He is just standing next to the pool table with his hands in his pockets. The pool table looks like the one on the actual painting, because it stands out from all the rest. In the pool table there are three pool balls and the stick nicely set up ready to play.
There are lots of differences in my replica and the original, but I’m only going to share two and that is the Lights on the ceiling and the clock on top of the doorway. I think the lights are different because they don’t really look the same and they not really that big. Some my light that I painted don’t have any connection to the ceiling.
The clock on the doorway does not look anything like the one on the actual painting. It looks like a hole in the wall. I think it does not stand out from the rest, it is the second worst thing in the whole painting.
Vincent Van Gogh was angry trying to get back at himself. He said “ It was an ugly painting”. I think painting is beautiful but Vincent thought it was an ugly painting. The painting is telling some people that not to go out and get in to dumb situations. That is what I think the painting is telling us.

I thought it was a really realistic and it wasn’t ugly.If he said it was ugly he must of been an all time best artist. Thats my Van Gogh Replica

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Starry Starry Night

Starry Starry Night the painting is by the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh. He painted this painting in  June 1889 in France. Vincent Van Gogh was an impressionist painter.

The Colours in Starry Starry Night are used all over the the sky. There is a peaceful village that has dark colours and just a little bit of yellow for the lights. The main colour is blue because it is used all over the sky.

The Foreground in Starry Starry Night is not as good as the background because it doesn’t have as much bright colours. The background has a lot of bright colours that bring the light to the picture. All the stars and the moon have a very light yellow just like the sun.

If you look closely at the painting you will see very small details. The details are big bold brush strokes. Vincent Van Gogh painted it with very thick paint and brush strokes.

The year after he painted Starry Starry Night Vincent Van Gogh shot himself and had to go hospital. Unfortunately the doctors couldn’t save him. So in 1890 Vincent Van Gogh died.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh was very depressed in his lifetime. 
He had been a teacher a preacher and an Art Dealer, but none of those jobs made him happy. So he started doing Art and he was really good ,but the people never liked it.

                                                             Self Portrait


The paintings that he did look like they were moving, but everyone didn’t like it because they were not used to moving paintings. He painted a picture of poor people in the dark at Night time.                                                           Starry Starry Night
  Vincent Van Gogh painted many self portraits of himself.                  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vincent Van Gogh' Sunflowers

This very valuable painting of Vincent Van Gogh's Sunflowers is extremely beautiful. It was painted in the year 1888, two years before he died. His painting was 73 x 92 cm long.

The colours that he used to paint the Sunflowers  was usually yellow. He painted 4 different pictures of the Sunflowers. The paint was very thick on the canvas, making it very textured.

The mood of this painting was a very happy feeling. There was really bright colours in this painting because he was happy when he painted it. I think this is his best painting.

I like the Sunflowers because the new flowers that have sprouted represent new life and the old dieing ones represent death. Sunflowers are amazing plants. Did you know that when the sun moves around in the sky the Sunflowers face follows it?

Vincent Van Gogh did some very noticeable details and not many people can see that. If you look at the Picture of his Sunflowers properly it doesn’t really look like he was very happy at the time he did it. He was painting these pictures so he could decorate his good friends room Paul Gauguin.

Vincent Van Gogh was a very famous painter. He was so depressed that one time he cut part of his ear off and sent it to his girlfriend,but she didn’t like it. Then in 1890 Vincent Van Gogh shot himself.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

On Friday me and my sister went to Rainbows End. I was really excited when we got to Manukau because we were very close to Rainbows End. Me and my sister had breakfast before we headed off we had chicken and chips.

When we walked out of Westfield Manukau. I saw the giant Fear Fall and I was thinking to myself I hope I’m aloud on it. My sister said to me “ Howard lets go on the Roller Coaster first” I said “ No I’m scared “ .

The moment I hopped the Gold Rushed I was filled with excitement. So the lady that was running the ride and then it started. The ride was not that scary on the first go, but second go was kinda scary and this time I went on with Crusader and Jason.

Then me and my sister went to the Invader and we enjoyed our ride. The Fear Fall was our next destination. When we got there it was terrifying just looking looking at it. Next it was me and Crusaders turn. As we were going higher and higher we reached the top and looked down at the rest of Rainbows End and suddenly the seat dropped at incredible speeds I could not believe it.

Then it was time to go home I didn’t want to go. I walked with my Sister to my mums workplace. Then we waited there. for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Champions Never Give Up Korero

Champions Never Give Up. This is one of our Pt England School koreros.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Team Work

These a the positions for Netball on the Netball court. I've been reading this book about a girl called Ina and her first time playing Netball.

Four Stages Of A Butterfly's Life

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last week the year 5 & 6 camp was held at Pt England School. Did you know that the first Year 5 & 6 camp for was in Nineteen ninety one? Everyone was excited about camp and just couldn’t wait until it started.

I was looking forward to kayaking and Basketball at the Gym, Because I am really good at kayaking and I love shooting the ball in to the hoop. My favourite part of camp was sleeping in our tents.

The funniest thing about camp was Kayaking because Uili fell out of his kayak I was laughing, but not for long. He was almost right in the deep part of the water, but luckily Mr Molloy went and picked out of the water and he was off kayaking again. I was really happy.

My goal for camp was to kayak as fast as Mr Molloy on his dingy. I achieved my goal and was really happy with myself. I was thinking about how fast I went.

At the end of camp I was stuffed. Everyone was all tired to and so were the teachers. I went home and had a big sleep.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Year 5 & 6 Camp

There are only 2 more sleeps till camp for the five and six camp. For camp I'm looking forward to doing the activity called get lost. Because it sounds scary when Miss Garden say you mite get lost.

My worries about camp is going up on to the stage. Because I have to sing a solo for our camp item in front of everyone.

Thursday, March 8, 2012


On Wednesday I woke before my mum and I wasn’t grumpy. I woke my mum up and she was grumpy. Then her alarm rang and then she had to stay up and get dressed for work.

I got dressed I said good bye to my mum then I woke up my sister. She looked at the time on her alarm and got up got dressed we ran out the door and went to school I met up with Jacob and we walked to school together. I went to the shop and brought a packet of chips and a sandwich from the Bakery.

I got to my class bay and waited then Calvin and Isara came about five minutes after I got inside the class to take a photo. My photo that I took with Miss Garden was for my Blog. Then Isara and Calvin were looking to see who was in the class. then finally I let them in.

A Week In The Life of Howard A Year 6 Student Tuesday

On Tuesday I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. I felt the same as yesterday when my mum woke me up today. This time my sister was awake before me and already to go to school.

So I hopped straight out of bed ran to my room and got dressed. As soon as I was dressed I ran down stairs packed my lunch and ran out the door faster then my sister could get out of the sitting room. I said good bye to my sister and we split up I went right and my sister went left.

This time I walked to school taking as much time as it takes me to. I was just watching the cars go past on the street. Then I started running to school from across the feild thats across the road from Tamaki Collage. I got to school safe and sound ready for my friends to come.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Week In The Life of Howard A Year 6 Student Monday

On Monday I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. I felt kind of grumpy when my mum woke me up just to say good before she went to work. I said good bye and watched her from my bedroom window.

As I waved I was getting more and more tried. Then when she was out of my site I went and washed my face and brushed my teeth. After that I got dressed, but first I had to find my Uniform.

When I found it I put it on straight away and went down stairs to put my lunch in my bags. My sister was already waiting for me down stairs and then she told me to hurry up cause it was 7:30 so then I rushed putting on my shoes on and my bag. Me and my sister ran out the door still half dressed buttoning up our shirts and our shoes were still untied.

When we got out the gate we spit up I went right and my sister went left. I started running to school I almost tripped up because my shoe lases were still untied so I took a little bit of time to tie them up. So after that I started running to school again I ran right around the main road.

Once I got to school I stopped running because I was extremely tried. I slowly walked to class and saw that nobody was there yet. So I stayed at class waiting for someone to come and about five minutes later my friend Isara came to school and a few minutes later Jorja came.

Then after Jorja everyone started coming to our class the first bell rang and Miss Garden opened and everybody rushed to the door, but I didn't because I had a drink of water. The second bell rang then it was time to sit on the mat and listen to Miss Garden.

After 3 hours of class time it was morning tea. I grabbed my lunch and my school hat and ran out of the class room. I ate my lunch and went out to play.

I came back to class when the bell rang. Miss Garden was just opening the door when I got there. We waited until it was time for lunch time room 17 done maths. Lunch time came and I was waiting to go and play. The bell rang and I ran to class straight away.

Everyone walked in to class and sat on the mat. Miss Garden was telling us what to do. So we went and done it. After that Miss Garden read us a book. Then it was time to go home