Thursday, April 26, 2012

On Friday me and my sister went to Rainbows End. I was really excited when we got to Manukau because we were very close to Rainbows End. Me and my sister had breakfast before we headed off we had chicken and chips.

When we walked out of Westfield Manukau. I saw the giant Fear Fall and I was thinking to myself I hope I’m aloud on it. My sister said to me “ Howard lets go on the Roller Coaster first” I said “ No I’m scared “ .

The moment I hopped the Gold Rushed I was filled with excitement. So the lady that was running the ride and then it started. The ride was not that scary on the first go, but second go was kinda scary and this time I went on with Crusader and Jason.

Then me and my sister went to the Invader and we enjoyed our ride. The Fear Fall was our next destination. When we got there it was terrifying just looking looking at it. Next it was me and Crusaders turn. As we were going higher and higher we reached the top and looked down at the rest of Rainbows End and suddenly the seat dropped at incredible speeds I could not believe it.

Then it was time to go home I didn’t want to go. I walked with my Sister to my mums workplace. Then we waited there. for the rest of the day.

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