Thursday, March 22, 2012

Last week the year 5 & 6 camp was held at Pt England School. Did you know that the first Year 5 & 6 camp for was in Nineteen ninety one? Everyone was excited about camp and just couldn’t wait until it started.

I was looking forward to kayaking and Basketball at the Gym, Because I am really good at kayaking and I love shooting the ball in to the hoop. My favourite part of camp was sleeping in our tents.

The funniest thing about camp was Kayaking because Uili fell out of his kayak I was laughing, but not for long. He was almost right in the deep part of the water, but luckily Mr Molloy went and picked out of the water and he was off kayaking again. I was really happy.

My goal for camp was to kayak as fast as Mr Molloy on his dingy. I achieved my goal and was really happy with myself. I was thinking about how fast I went.

At the end of camp I was stuffed. Everyone was all tired to and so were the teachers. I went home and had a big sleep.

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