Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Week In The Life of Howard A Year 6 Student Monday

On Monday I woke up at 6:30 in the morning. I felt kind of grumpy when my mum woke me up just to say good before she went to work. I said good bye and watched her from my bedroom window.

As I waved I was getting more and more tried. Then when she was out of my site I went and washed my face and brushed my teeth. After that I got dressed, but first I had to find my Uniform.

When I found it I put it on straight away and went down stairs to put my lunch in my bags. My sister was already waiting for me down stairs and then she told me to hurry up cause it was 7:30 so then I rushed putting on my shoes on and my bag. Me and my sister ran out the door still half dressed buttoning up our shirts and our shoes were still untied.

When we got out the gate we spit up I went right and my sister went left. I started running to school I almost tripped up because my shoe lases were still untied so I took a little bit of time to tie them up. So after that I started running to school again I ran right around the main road.

Once I got to school I stopped running because I was extremely tried. I slowly walked to class and saw that nobody was there yet. So I stayed at class waiting for someone to come and about five minutes later my friend Isara came to school and a few minutes later Jorja came.

Then after Jorja everyone started coming to our class the first bell rang and Miss Garden opened and everybody rushed to the door, but I didn't because I had a drink of water. The second bell rang then it was time to sit on the mat and listen to Miss Garden.

After 3 hours of class time it was morning tea. I grabbed my lunch and my school hat and ran out of the class room. I ate my lunch and went out to play.

I came back to class when the bell rang. Miss Garden was just opening the door when I got there. We waited until it was time for lunch time room 17 done maths. Lunch time came and I was waiting to go and play. The bell rang and I ran to class straight away.

Everyone walked in to class and sat on the mat. Miss Garden was telling us what to do. So we went and done it. After that Miss Garden read us a book. Then it was time to go home

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this Howard. I can see that you and Ramona are very responsible kids to get yourselves to school in good time.

    What caught my eye in amongst all the kids blog posts I saw published was your graphic. You have put so much detail into your decking that it looks real! Well done.


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