Thursday, March 8, 2012


On Wednesday I woke before my mum and I wasn’t grumpy. I woke my mum up and she was grumpy. Then her alarm rang and then she had to stay up and get dressed for work.

I got dressed I said good bye to my mum then I woke up my sister. She looked at the time on her alarm and got up got dressed we ran out the door and went to school I met up with Jacob and we walked to school together. I went to the shop and brought a packet of chips and a sandwich from the Bakery.

I got to my class bay and waited then Calvin and Isara came about five minutes after I got inside the class to take a photo. My photo that I took with Miss Garden was for my Blog. Then Isara and Calvin were looking to see who was in the class. then finally I let them in.

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  1. I read your previous entries for "A week in Howard's life: A Year 6 Student" and I thought it was funny how the tables turned. I hope you all get some sleep tonight so you can all wake up happy :) Love reading your work!


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