Monday, August 6, 2012

The Olympics

In the Olympics our New Zealand  rowing team has beaten other countries to earn three gold medals. They were earned by three rowing teams. The first one was from Mahe drysdale, because he tried extremely hard and finished it off properly.

The olympics have been very tight with the sprints. The Usain Bolt verse Yohan blake and Tyson Gay.  The Usain bolt is the fastest , because he trained really really hard for this so he could win and he did.

New Zealand is beating Australia in who has the most Medals so far. I don’t think Australia will catch up with us for long because they don’t have much Medals. , because they a far back from us. We have very very strong Athletes.

I hope New Zealand  wins the Olympics. Everybody wants New Zealand to win. Our New Zealand Team says practice practice practice makes perfect. They've worked very hard for this.

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