Friday, June 13, 2014


Every Wednesday at 9:40 class 4 has an A.F.L Session with different tutors every week. We learn various skills about the game, like the Drop Punt ( A Kick ),the Ice Cream Cone ( A Pass )and rules like Laces away from faces, and 7 steps only.

So far we have been practicing drills and warm ups for the game. I have been enjoying every session we get because I am learning something that I might be able to pass on to other kids. The drills a hard because we have to get it right and perfect, but its still fun!

My favorite part of A.F.L was learning how to play because when I play I don’t have to ask what to do I just have to do it. Also my favorite tutor for A.F.L was Daniel because he was funny and he taught us a lot.

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