Friday, August 1, 2014


On Monday the 28th of July class 4 attended a soccer lesson with one the best tutors we could ask for. Her name is Sophie and she is from Argentina. She made a deal with us, it was if she teaches us soccer we will teach her English and that we've done so far.

Our first warm up was snatch the bib. The point of the game was to snatch the other person's bib from their side and try to maintain the bib by protecting it from thieves. Ultimately trying keep it until the end of the game. We got to play a second round and this time we were allowed to take more than on bib. It was cool, fun and good exercise.

After the class had been warmed up we got ready for another game and it was even better! It was a like a mixture of midnight and soccer. There was two lines of people on each side of the court, and they were teams of 1-11. I was number 6 with my opponent being my friend Brodie. When Sophie called out one of our numbers we had to run into the middle of the court and try to score a goal.

"Number Six" Sophia shouted ,so I ran up quickly at the same time as Brodie. As Brodie tried to kick the ball I missed the ball and hit him in the shins and he fell over, the ball rolled out and the game was over. My team won the game 8-5, we had a good run and a really hard match. After all I liked playing soccer.

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