Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ki O Rahi

Ki O Rahi is a game of agility, strength, speed and memory of Rahi and Ara the two characters of a Maori legend called  Rahi. The game is played by two teams and one called Taniwha and the other called Ki O Ma. The aim of the game is to try and hit the Te Tupu in the middle of the court or field.

To score points you either have to touch the ball in the circle around Te Tupu.or try to throw the ball at it. You are allowed to tackle and bump of the other players.


  • When the game starts three players from Kioma have to stay in Pawero zone
  • If placed in the Pawero Zone the players job is to try to pass the ball to their team mates in the Te Ao.
  • Players have to tag each of the seven flags then strike Te Tupu.
  • The players of Taniwha have the job of protecting Te Tupu.

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