Friday, November 18, 2011

Landing on the Moon

On a hot sunny day I went to the moon but first I had to learn how to be an Astronaut . When I was trained to be a good Astronaut I was on my way. Then we hoped inside the space ship I was kind of scared . After we got ready for take off in 3 , 2 , 1 , Blast off . I listened to the loud roar coming from the space ships rockets.

It took us 8 months to get to the Moon but when we got there I was super excited . On the moon I saw lots of of craters . Then it was time for everyone to get off the ship and walk on the moon . We had to put our space helmets on so we can breath the air coming from our air bag on our
back . Walking on the moon is harder then walking on earth because you have to jump .

It was was time to board the ship and go home. When we were waiting to get home we looked through the window and saw lots of planets like Mars , Uranus , Neptune , Venus , Saturn , Mercury and Pluto . Everyone saw Earth and were excited about landing .When we landed I was releafed because I thought we were gonna crash.

We all got out of the ship unharmed no one was lost and everyone was safe . Finally we took our suits off because it was hot and swety .We had to put the suits in a basket to be washed. Then everyone celebrated.

We celebrated until Night time .After a while we started the award ceremony and got our awards.
Everyone that went to the moon was happy. Finally everyone went home .

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