Friday, November 7, 2014

How to Identify Rip Currents

Here in New Zealand we have the third highest rates of people drowning in the world,
and that's why we need to keep safe in the surf. First i'm gonna tell you how you can be surf safe in the water by giving instructions on how to get out of rips, identify rips, what to do if your in a rip and how to avoid them.

If waves come up onto the shore how do they come out? Rips are formed by the waves that are trying to get back to sea. To get out they find big gaps in the water and escape through there, which creates a massive vacuum that can pull people or any float able item in the gap.

Have you ever wondered how to figure out where and what currents are , and even wondered how to avoid them? The first step to finding and avoiding currents is always try looking for a patch of light coloured water or if your beach black sand then look for darker water. Second step is see if there is just a little patch of really calm smooth going water and you’ll know for its a current.

If you've ever wondered what to do when caught in a rip current then this is for you. First step see if you can stand up. Second step try to float if you don’t have a surfboard or anything with you that can float. Third step don’t swim against the current other wise you’ll have no energy to float if you need to. Last step wait until the you stop moving then try swimming sideways about 30 meters then go straight.

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