Thursday, March 7, 2013

School Picnic

Last Friday at Pt England school we had a picnic at the Pt England Beach. Everyone was so excited that they were bragging how cool it was last year. Some people didn’t really want to go so they either stayed home or just came for the sake of it.

The day came and everyone was happy. Mr Burt talked to all of us and explained the rules. We were so excited that we weren’t even listening to him and most of the time we were fiddling. “Yes!” said my friends “it’s time to go.”

We got there and it didn’t take that long. Mr Burt called a little meeting and as soon as he was finished everyone scattered across the giant field. I played Rugby with some other boys of the school. The game was actually it was supposed to be Ripper rugby, but Mr Marsters said we could play rugby.

I stopped playing and then went to relax on the beach. As I rested I ate my lunch and talked to my friends. Watching the beautiful sky a kite blocked my view. So I got up and looked at who was flying it and it was Mr Barks. Soon it was time to go home.

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