Thursday, December 12, 2013

Howards Netbook reflection

For the past three years us Pt England students year 5 and up have been using Net books. Net books are portable, easy to use easy to maintain and good for communication. There's many sources I can use to learn like Google search , Google Drive and even Gmail.

This year I've learn't allot from a Net book , its almost as if it's my teacher. Some days I look up questions that pop up in my head like how does electricity come from the sky, how does a camera take photo's, and I find my answers on my Net book.

Net books are Kid safe which means they only go on sites there suppose to go on. Its built strong for children so it kid compatible.There fun and cheap to buy.Our mums and dads pay 15$ a month for three years paying off our Net books. When its all paid off we get a new series of Net book featuring Samsung apps and a gold case for the Net book.

This year something my teacher taught me was to stand out from the rest and not be afraid of what will happen in the future.I think that's the most important thing she taught me this year.

Having a Net book means I can communicate with my friends if they need help, or I can show them what to do by having an example ready for them. I can Hyper link ticks so it takes people to my work.

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