Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Every day Room 15 walks to the pools called Y. M. C. A. I was looking forward to swimming because I haven’t been swimming in a long time. When we were going to the pools I found out that we were going swimming with room 17. I was excited. Then we all walk inside the pools and smelt chlorine. When everyone got in the pools there was one big pool and one medium pool. I was in the big pool with Animei and Minhaj. I was very slow but I kept trying then I got faster and faster. Then it was time to get out. I quickly got dressed and walked out of the pools to wait with the others. I like the pools because it helps me to swim and keep safe. Then off we all walked back to school safe and sound. After all that I felt like going to sleep but I didn’t because it was school time.

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  1. Nice writing Howard! Im glad you are trying to improve your swimming skills good on ya!


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