Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Favourite thing this Term

My favourite thing this term was doing Badminton. I liked Badminton because I didn't know it was a sport and I like racket and batting games like Tennis tabel tennis baseball and criket. Everyone in my class liked badminton to because it was fun.

Then Aussie Rules and thats my secound favourite sport because I already knew about that sport. It is fun like Badminton but is different to badminton. Instead of hitting the ball with a racket you kick the ball with your foot hit it with your hand.

That is all the sports that we done this term and we did one sport in term two called Basketball. I liked basketball the best but that was in term two not term three. I had fun this term with all the sports we have been doing. I liked term three and now I wonder what term four will be like

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