Monday, July 8, 2013

Beauty And The Beast Re-write

Charming and the Beast:Once upon a time there lived a ferocious woman eating beast, that lived deep in the heart of the forest in a gloomy underground lair. There was a prince charming who once went into the woods to practice some archery, he shot some arrows and went to fetch them then all of a sudden he stumbled across a trap and fell in. He was knocked out unconscious , until he woke up to a saggy beast curled up on a lazy Boy staring at him. Charming got the biggest fright of his life and he said to the Beast “ I’ll be back tomorrow I just need clothes”. So the  beast accepted his request and sent him off.The beast waited beast waited and waited staring at the same place where the prince was, hoping he would come back, but he never turned up.  She felt heart broken her eye twitched and she looked furiously everywhere as she picked up his scent and set off to hunt him down.While the prince was practising fencing in his room  the the  beast bursts through his window with blood shot eyes sweeps the prince off his feet and takes him back to her dungeon of doom. She orders the prince to dine with him every night. The prince did it because he was afraid of her, but shortly he started to see changes in her body language and in the way she treated him. So he started developing feelings for her. One night while they were having dinner. He asked the beast “ Why do you live in this lair all alone?” “Because I’ve been cursed, if I don’t find true love I will die.” Replied the beast. The prince developed even deeper feelings for the beast and showed the beast how to have a great time. They both learn how to waltz together and then changed the dark lair into a beautiful radiant palace. Meanwhile in the kingdom of Charmington all the people were looking for their prince. They searched high and low then came to a conclusion that the prince was dead.His mother refused to believe it because she saw scratch marks on the on his bedroom window and knew it was the beast. So she grabbed his bow and arrows and went off to search for the beast's’ lair. While the beast and the prince were having dinner the mother bursts through the door aiming her arrow at the beast ready to shoot. As she shoots the prince jumps in front of the beast to protect her and gets shot right in the heart. He looked towards the beast and said his last words “I love you.” The beast kissed the prince goodbye.The beast suddenly started glowing and elevated into the air glowing bright yellow twirling around. Slowly the beast turned into a human, as the beast lies back down the light diminishes revealing a beautiful, stunning princess. The magic light from the transformation healed the dying prince. Seeing this the mother had a change of heart and shortly after the prince and the once was beast got married they ruled the Charmington Kingdom together.

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  1. hi my name is leka

    I didn't read all of your writing it was pretty long I only read half way then I stop it was to big. I really enjoyed reading half of that story I might continue reading this because it Intresting. I hope you that story up


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