Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country 2013

On the 22 of the 8 Pt England school had a cross-country run,we all had our own houses that were named my house was Tearawa this house is named after a Maori . We all had to wait for our turns

to run because we had to do it from juniors to senior the year 5 to 8's had to run two laps starting from our school fields.

It was time that we had to step we had to line up for cross-country as we lined up to get ready for our run our principle Mr Burt talks to us about where we're running our principle say's on you mark so when you put two together get set is when you put one foot back then he said go and off we go for our 3 k run.

As I was running in the start my was pumping like a cheetah running as fast as I could, my legs ached and ached  because I sprinted at the beginning . I could feel my back clicking as I was running ,so I ran a little bit slower because I didn't want to stop.  .My goal yesterday was to try and run  non stop,as the race finished I felt relieved .

I was very happy that I ran non stop I would like to say a big thank you to the Tamaki college Service academy for helping our school on the cross Country day.

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