Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Kingfisher in the House

A Kingfisher in the House

1. What is the Maori name for a Kingfisher? Piwakawaka

2. List 9 things they eat: Lizards , Small Fish, Insects. pieces of meet. skinks . Grasshoppers .beetles Termites and scorpions

3. Describe the plumage (feathers) on a Kingfisher:Blue and green mixed together with lots on the bottom of the wing and very little on the top and middle

4. How did she first know it was hurt?When it was trying to fly away and he saw the wing that was bleeding
5. Why do you think the author covered the Kingfisher’s cage?so it could sleep

6. How did the Kingfisher get injured?Someone shot a pellet into the Kingfishers wing
7. Why did the author put tape on the wing?So the Kingfishers wing could mend

8. Describe how the author had to feed it: Very slowly he grabbed the Tweezers and feed it with peices of meet

9. Why did the author let the Kingfisher go? Because It was ready to fly again

10. Where do Kingfishers live (their habitat)?Near stone free banks

11. You are going to draw a Kingfisher in Tux paint and publish it on your blog with i
nformation on:
a. Habitat : They Live near hunting grounds or near river banks.
b. Plumage : The Kingfishers feathers is a blue and green color .
c. Diet
d. Maori name

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  1. I like your illustrations Howard. It looks like the Kingfisher is flying towards its nest to protect its eggs. Keep up the good work Howard :)


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